Artigos de filmes de Jane Austen serão vendidos

15 mar


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Breaking News – Austen film Memorabilia For Sale!You must not miss this, it could be your chance to own part of film history.

An exclusive auction of original costumes from some of the best loved Jane Austen film adaptations begins today!

We are so excited as The Jane Austen Centre has been chosen to host an eBay auction for the celebrated BAFTA and EMMY award winning costume designer, Andrea Galer.

In this one-off auction, you will find costumes from Persuasion and Miss Austen Regrets,plus there is even a chance to bid for two ‘Mr Darcy’ (Matthew MacFadyen) waistcoats. All auctions will start at just 99p!

With an authentic costume you will cut a dash at this year’s Jane Austen Festival. Outshine your friends or simply invest in part of film history.

Below are just some of the items available. Click here to see more!

Auction ends Sunday 25th March. Worldwide Postage is available. Bid now!

Matthew MacFadyen Waistcoat ‘Darcy’s Waistcoat’
Designed for and worn by Matthew MacFadyen for his role as Sir Felix Carbury in The Way We Live Now.
Matthew MacFadyen starred as Darcy in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice alongside Keira Knightley.

It is made from luxurious damask silk in black and gold and has six beautiful antique buttons.

To fit size 42″ chest.

Starting at just 99p!

Bid Now…

Jane Austen Dress ‘Jane Austen’s Dress and Spencer’

Designed for and worn by Olivia Williams who starred as Jane Austen in BBC’s Miss Austen Regrets.

It is made from beautiful indigo blue heavy cotton linen mix with a satin finish. The buttons are antique.
The spencer is also made from heavy blue cotton with a frog fastening.

To fit size 10 -12 (spencer more size 10)

Bid Now…

Anne Elliot Spencer ‘Anne’s Spencer’

Designed for and worn by Sally Hawkins, for her role as Anne Elliot in ITV’s Persuasion(2007)

This spencer jacket is made from beautiful and rare harris Tweed.
The slip and the dress are also on sale, see our other items.
Beautifully made, a truly stunning and unique piece of clothing.

To fit size 10.

Starting at just 99p!

Bid Now…

Olivia William's Night Dress ‘Jane Austen’s Nightdress’

Designed for and worn by Olivia Williams, for her role as Jane Austen in BBCs Miss Austen Regrets.

This night dress is made from beautiful linen with handmade bobbin lace trimming.
Based on authentic designs of the period.

To fit size 10-12

Starting at just 99p!

Bid Now…

Fonte: Jane Austen Centre

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