As bibliotecas dos ricos e famosos

15 jun

Best of Book Riot: Libraries of the Rich and Famous

Today is Book Riot’s half-birthday–that’s right, we’re six months old today. To celebrate, we’re running our ten most popular posts today. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading Book Riot! This two-part post ran on March 14 and 21, 2012


As I’ve been unpacking boxes and realizing that I don’t even have enough bookshelves to put my books on, I decided to torture myself and look at homes of people who can dedicate an entire room to being a library (most likely with the help of an uber-expensive designer to organize and make it look scrumptious). Would you like to be tortured too? Brace yourself…

Karl Lagerfield’s Personal Library: Not as cozy as I would pick for my own, but I would pay money to look through those titles… that’s a LOAD of books, folks! Aren’t you the least bit curious what is on those shelves?


Diane Keaton’s Personal Library: Loving the lighting, loving the colors, the writing on the wall is pretty cool — but where are the chairs? I like to be able to sit down while perusing (or reading, for that matter). 


Woody Allen’s Personal Library: Although I’m highly disgusted when someone marries their daughter (please, people… he helped raise her – adoptive/step-daughter/what-ever-kind-of-name-you-put-in-front-of-the-word daughter equals daughter), his library rocks. It’s comfortable, cozy, and old-school east coast-looking; love it. 


Keith Richards’ Personal Library: This is a sweet personal library, but really… what did we expect from Keith Richards. I would really like to know what he has on his shelves. 


William Randolph Hearst’s Library: This is a dream of a library.  If it was mine, I would invite all of my friends over and we would have a big library party; everyone would be offered something to nosh on and then instructed find a place in the room and be super quiet while we all enjoyed devouring the books. Rocking party, I know… that’s how I roll. 

Thanks to a reader from last week pointing out Neil Gaiman’s library to me. HELLO, this man reads. Think he’s read all of these, or might some of these be his to-be-read shelves?!?


Sting’s library at the top of his staircase in London is beautiful. Very law school-philosophy vibe going on here… I dig it. Do you?


Um, yes please! This is the library of designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka’s in their weekend house. I’ll take the weekend house and the library. The black painted wood adds a modern twist to this library, and I enjoy that they combined an eating area with their books. In fact, I think this would inspire me to have a reading dinner party. Wine, books, friends, and a game guessing passages from books? I’m there. 


Here is Julia Child’s personal library from when she lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This cozy, warm, neutral-toned library makes me want to curl up next to that fireplace and get lost in a book — or possibly a conversation with Julia and Paul about the books they own. Can you imagine the books that must be in that library? Paul was known as a very smart, well read man… I’m sure they have some treasures in there. If the walls could speak. 


This by far is my favorite library we’ve featured, and probably my favorite personal library that I’ve ever seen. It belongs to Professor Richard A. Macksey. Macksey is an author in his own right along with being a well-known, beloved professor at Johns Hopkins University, and co-founder of the university’s Humanities Center. He is the owner of one of the largest personal libraries in the state of Maryland, with over 70,000 ($4 million worth) books and manuscripts along with art work. Macksey’s course on Proust is famous among underground students at Johns Hopkins, and he is known to hold graduate level courses in his famous library. 


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2 Respostas para “As bibliotecas dos ricos e famosos

  1. Luiz Fabiano Tavares

    15/06/2012 at 21:55

    Um dia teremos blibliotecas assim, Ana, não se preocupe!rs

    • Lanchinho da Meia-Noite

      15/06/2012 at 22:02

      Com certeza! Só não consigo escolher de qual gostei mais… Fiquei entre William Randolph Hearst (perfeita), Neil Gaiman (um pouco austera, mas linda) e Richard A. Macksey (maravilhosamente confusa!). Mas até lá a gente decide. rsrsr


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